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A Year in Faking News  by  Vaibhav Anand

A Year in Faking News by Vaibhav Anand
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This ebook is an anthology of all my articles published on the satirical portal Faking News ever since I started contributing in 2013. Since then I have gone on to write 200 plus satirical articles for the site – some of which actually came back as recommended reads to me through email forwards or Facebook shares (teaching me a valuable lesson of the power of the internet).I am compiling this mostly because elections are now over, the Congress (and Rahul Gandhi) is decimated – and so the amount of material to satirize out there is going to diminish significantly.I have tried to compile only the best and the most timeless of my work… so if you don’t like some of them, remember this ebook is free – as are all good things in life.So go ahead, use your travel time or office time or quality-time-with-family wisely.

Kick back and enjoy as I take you back in time in the satirical multiverse- and remember none of this really happened…Read on.

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