Absolute Mayhem Ryan Viergutz


Published: December 12th 2013



Absolute Mayhem  by  Ryan Viergutz

Absolute Mayhem by Ryan Viergutz
December 12th 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 8.25 Mb

When two corporations go to war, chaos mage Tatsuro Calesani must navigate the minefield of alliances and betrayals. Nalacher Corp, led by the enigmatic Director, has put an ancient shapeshifting starship into service and has the government on its side. Nalachers attack forces Lishera Corp, its greatest rival, to fight a war a full year ahead of schedule. Wounded and weakened, its VP, Narita Lakishu, reaches out to allies for retaliation.Tatsuro and Lakishu find more enemies than allies, including a reckless mutant general, a king of an elvish mafia and an apocalyptic weapon long thought buried.

In order for anyone to survive the conflict, Tatsuro must play all sides and defuse the tensions. He recruits the help of Renna Shar, a freelance biologist and stuntwoman, because her knowledge will pierce the secrets of the two companies, and her courage will help them to stand firm in the face of hate.As the battle plans solidify and blood spills, the angry mercenary Gina Hawkins may acquiesce to a voice that calls her to destruction.

The truth behind a psychic link Tatsuro shares with Lakishu and the fugitive revolutionary Aila Watami could be their last hope, if they can work together to understand what it means. Can Tatsuro stop the warfare before it takes hundreds of thousands of lives?

Can he save anybody when his own mind unravels?

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