Diets and Other Unnatural Acts Barbara Phillips PhD


Published: November 26th 2011

Kindle Edition

152 pages


Diets and Other Unnatural Acts  by  Barbara Phillips PhD

Diets and Other Unnatural Acts by Barbara Phillips PhD
November 26th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 152 pages | ISBN: | 4.31 Mb

America’s obsession with weight loss is killing us! After 30 years of fad dieting, Americans should be thin and healthy. In reality, we are fat and sick. Why? Because diets are unnatural! We are pre-programmed to fail, to lose 10 pounds, gain 15 more and be even unhealthier than when we started.

We must find a better way to live.Carl was one of my first patients and best teachers. He taught me that it is not how “wealthy” you are that matters, it is how “wellthy” you are. Carl managed to amass a small fortune throughout the years. By anyone’s standards, he was wealthy. He worked hard his entire life to build his bank account.

It was this bank account that would provide for his children. It was this bank account that would allow him and his wife to move to Arizona to enjoy their Golden Years. One day, he always told me, he would retire and enjoy the fruits of his labors- but today, he had to work.While Carl was busy working to build his bank account, he was neglecting to make deposits in his health accounts.

Even worse, on a daily basis, he was depleting these accounts by smoking, drinking, eating in excess, not making time for exercise, and, sometimes, failing to nurture the most important relationships in his life.In his later years, Carl used to lament that he had not invested as much energy in building his health accounts as he did his bank accounts.

He frequently complained that even, with all of his money, there was nothing he could enjoy. In Carl’s words, the Golden Years had turned to #&%$.Carl died unfulfilled, as so many misguided people do. His wife moved to Arizona, but her life there was never as she dreamed it would be because Carl wasn’t there to share it with her.

I know how much I miss Carl and I can only imagine that his family misses him that much more.I decided that I was not going to repeat Carl’s mistakes nor would I stand by as others did. My “Live Wellthy” lifestyle was born. No crash diets, no trendy magic bullets, no excesses, no excuses. “Diets and Other Unnatural Acts” will teach you how to invest in yourself the way you invest in your financial wellbeing.Work hard to build up healthy reserves in your emotional, spiritual, physical, nutritional, and financial accounts.

Only then, will you truly be able to enjoy all of the riches in your life.Barb and I invite you to join us and many others and “Live Wellthy.”

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